We serve Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Leeds and Wakefield and other adjoining areas. We come to you, test all your equipment and leave you with an itemised report showing all your passed assets.  Northern PAT Guard the first choice when it comes to electrical safety.

Safety Without Compromise.

Northern PAT-Guard- a family run company with a conscientious attitude to electrical safety.


At NPG we pride ourselves on our thorough approach to our work, ensuring that you are getting the highest standard of service.  

Defects in electrical appliances which could cause hazard can go unnoticed without the regular checks. It is the way many businesses keep their electrical appliances safe in accordance with the the IET code of practice & the Health & Safety Executive recommendations.


Portable Appliance Testing is a detailed examination of each appliance. This can only be carried out by a competent engineer. It involves the visual inspection as well as checking via plugging in to the testing machine. Some defects can only be found by a visual test and some via electrical testing so it is very important we do both.

Call us at NPG and your annual PAT test will be carried out to the highest possible standard In line with the IET code of practice and at a very reasonable price.
Your obligation to your workforce is important to you as our Service is to us. 

What is PAT Testing? 


PAT Testing is defined as follows:

  • Visual Check. This includes the Cable right from the plug to the appliance. The cable having the correct rating for the appliance, the fuse having the correct rating with regard the cable (not necessarily a 13a in a 13a plug as the fuse in the event of a problem is designed to protect the cable and blow before the cable melts) On the visual inspection I'm also looking inside the plug to ensure that the wires are correctly placed and not snagged, trapped or brittle etc. 

  • Plugging into the machine/meter - This checks for Earth continuity, Insulation and Earth Leakage. There is an amount of knowledge needed by the engineer to translate the data to a pass. Most test machines say whether the appliance has passed or failed but it's not as simple as that. The earth continuity threshold depends on other factors which the meter can not know but a competent PAT tester will know when to pass the item. This is in line with IET code of Practice. The Leakage threshold is set usually to 0.75mA on the PAT test machine but some items are passed above this threshold and are totally correct in line with the Health & Safety Executive and the IET Code of Practice.

Any less than the above and a fault occuring through an appliance which has not been checked to this standard would be deemed 'untested' and therefore you are throwing money away to someone who is in fact lying about the service he/she provides. On a claim your insurance would possibly not pay out. 

You can check if this procedure is being adhered to. I'm totally ok with the customer watching my procedure, why would an engineer be upset if a customer wishes to take interest?





Safety First !!

PATTA is the only trade organisation for PAT testing. Until recently there was no sign of PAT testing ever becoming a legal requirement. Very soon it may be and only the safety conscious will remain in the business. PATTA have put many restrictions in place that it's members must adhere to. 

PATTA members will also be seen to be giving advice to their customers too so that many areas previously misconstrued can be made clearer. This is never to say use my business only - but I would urge that you would either use a PATTA member or at least have the knowledge yourself to know if the job is being done correctly. 


We want you to have the knowledge enough to know yourself if an engineer isn't carrying out the procedure in line with recommendations from the Health & Safety executive.


The new IET code of practice is due very soon and I'm proud to say that the organisation PATTA will be involved in the writing of the new edition.

At Northern PAT-Guard we are as totally committed to electrical safety as our customers. Book with confidence.

Safety without compromise

Why Choose Us?​

  • Fully Insured.

  • Knowledgeable & competent engineers.

  • Complies with IET Code of Practice.

  • Trade Association members (PATTA).

  • Competitively priced.

  • Full PAT report provided the same day.

  • Free retest on any failed items.

  • Polite and efficient service.

Your satisfaction is very important as is our service to you. Call for a free no obligation quote.

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Yes Safety, No Compromise!
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